"If you knew the gift of God, you would ask of Him, and He would give you living waters." John 4:1

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Welcome, students, to this forum for sharing inspiration, prayers, testimonies of healing, and questions about Christian Science. Feel free to leave comments and questions below that you feel would be a benefit to the rest of the association. This year, we can especially share how we are praying for current events or world news that needs a spiritual perspective. Leave a comment and your name and city.

I, too, will post questions and comments at times and look forward to your answers and insights.

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A couple of hymns that are good for the Thai soccer team: 53 & 350. I’m sure there are more which would fit right in but these recently came to mind. Bill Jensen

I know the prayers from around the world were instrumental in seeing the release of that soccer team from their dire situation.  Cindy


  1. Don Munro

    I found this in some of my readings from a friend of a friend. I like it now for today
    “When praying I want to feel the gentle presence of Love enfolding all creation’
    Feel the peace of Love settling on the world,
    Feel the power of Love renewing everythingl good and perfect in us.”

    • Cindy Clague

      Thank you, Don. We do need to take the whole world in our arms and tell it not to be afraid, as a recent speaker said on JSH online.

  2. Cindy

    Only Good Is Communicable
    Click here to view:’ https://sentinel.christianscience.com/shared/view/6w4o11tux0?s=e
    JSH-Online is the official website of The Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, and Herald.

  3. Bill Jensen

    “[I] can only be what God has made me to be.” I loved this statement for its simplicity and absoluteness from an article titled Go Back to the Beginning by Maureen M. Loster in the March 13, 1995 Sentinel. Perhaps others will also find this worth considering on a deeper level as we’re taught in Christian Science.

  4. Cindy Clague

    Hello, everyone! Just letting you all know our next Association meeting is scheduled for September 26th from 9:30-4:30. More information will follow.


  5. Bill Jensen

    I hope all our Association members are aware of our teacher’s wonderful article titled Asking For the Spirit of Believing in the new 2020 February Journal. I think all will find it quite valuable. I for one have bookmarked it in my JSH subscription so it can be reviewed on a regular basis. Thank you so much Cindy.

  6. Bill Jensen

    I hope all our Association members are aware of our teacher’s wonderful article titled Asking For the Spirit of Believing in the new 2002 February Journal. I think all will find it quite valuable. I for one have bookmarked it in my JSH subscription so it can be reviewed on a regular basis. Thank you so much Cindy.

    • Cindy Clague

      Thanks, Bill, for pointing this out. It shows that we can break our healing efforts down to the smallest steps and ask for help for each one of them.

  7. Bill Jensen

    I’ve been thinking about one of the amazing gifts we’ve been given in the form of JSH Online. Only decade or two ago who would have imagined we would have nearly instant access in our homes or almost anywhere to virtually every article ever published in the periodicals? Also every pamphlet including the three volume Anthology series. What a wonderful asset. But that’s not all because JSH also includes important search engines including Concord.

    Not long ago it was suggested to me to give some thought to the angel Michael. Although his name only appears once in Science and Health I was able to find 17 articles on he and Gabriel using the JSH Archive Advanced search feature. That certainly seemed to open things up more than I had expected. I’m beginning to see the possibilities of further enlightenment on various subjects are nearly endless.

    For those interested in subscribing there are two options. One is a monthly billing cycle accessed directly through the JSH website. The other is a 3, 6, or 12 month gift subscription (which is which is what I use) that you can send to yourself and that is available through The Mother Church website by clicking the subscriptions tab. I don’t know why they have two different sites for subscriptions but that’s just the way it is.

    In closing I wanted to reach out to our Association members who have not yet experienced the benefits of JSH and what the Publishing Society has given us. This is just a brief overview of what this wonderful service offers us.

    • Cindy Clague

      Thank you Bill, for sharing these ideas with us. If any of you haven’t checked out JSH online, please do go check it out. These archived articles of the Sentinel and Journal over the years represent the best thinking of the many dedicated Christian Scientists who have served the movement of Christian Science for over a century. You can find almost any topic or reference that is of importance to you and receive encouragement for healing and spiritual growth. If you need any more encouragement or help in getting started, give me a call.

  8. Bill Jensen

    Came across an excellent article that should help diffuse the thought of destructive forces such as hurricanes. It’s on page 47 of the 1st Anthology series titled From Zone to Zone by Julia M. Johnston and would also be available on JSH Online
    Click here to view:’ https://journal.christianscience.com/shared/view/26pzp8pvuje?s=e

    • Cindy Clague

      Bill you have helped us get started with the prayer for this weather event. Thank you. Please pipe in, everyone. What are your prayers?

  9. Bill Jensen

    There’s an excellent companion piece to this week’s lesson on Christ Jesus in the 1st Anthology series. The title is The Activity of the Christ by L. Ivimy Gwalter and it’s the beginning article.

  10. Bill Jensen

    There’s a wonderful companion piece to this weeks lesson on Christ Jesus in the first volume of the Anthology series. It’s the very first article and titled The Activity of the Christ by L. Ivimy Gwalter.

  11. Bill Jensen

    [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “0”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “worth bookmarking” in “comment_content” *]
    Attention students: On the home page of JSH there’s a changing banner highlighting special articles from past periodicals. Currently there’s one from the October 2015 Journal and in the index of that issue the first article is by our wonderful teacher titled The Healing Power of Moral Law. I think you’ll find it quite special and very thorough and worth bookmarking, if you subscribe to JSH, (which you should).

    Bill Jensen
    Warrenton, OR.

  12. Bill Jensen

    Something I had never noticed before in Mrs. Eddy’s definition of Time in our lesson this week on Life, S&H section 1. She includes 7 descriptions which seem to be phases or progressions of mortal beliefs. “human acts, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, knowledge; matter; error;” I’m always interested in terms that are sequenced in sevens, often indicating completeness.

    Also, a friend shared with me a thought on the Bible verse in section 2, verse 6, number 7 “And in the morning, then ye shall see the glory (manifested presence) of the Lord” I like thought of seeing His glory being manifested presence.

    • Cindy Clague

      Thanks Bill. I like that “manifested presence”. Brings it more to everyday understanding. And the sevens—good observation. I also thought the “human acts, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, knowledge, reminded me of the limited five personal senses. “

  13. Barbara McCorkle

    I loved your look at Goliath…or should I say your re-look at Goliath. I have been despairing about the Goliath that is the political situation in our country. The Monitor article about the Helsinki Summit and your revisit of Goliath’s power and control have helped me to put all this in the Christian Science perspective. Thank you so much!

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