DSC_0194When you have the Mind of Christ, you don’t have to second guess yourself, to worry over whether you got it right or did enough or said something inappropriate to others. It enables you to accomplish more, and do it with freedom and joy. Leaving all comparisons and human hierarchies of value behind, the Mind of Christ gives focus and potency to each effort to help and bless others.

Every one of God’s creations is dear to Him. When we choose to live in continual relation to this Mind of God, we see our fellow men and women as God sees them–in His image, honest, kind, reliable, fruitful. We no longer bother to accept faulty images of others. We don’t tell or think mortal stories about them, worrying about what they think of us, engraving faulty images deeper and deeper until we can’t walk through a day without falling into one hurtful rut after another. The second commandment says ” Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image of anything in heaven, earth, or under the earth.” The supposed power to make our own graven images of our fellow man, (and the enslavement that goes with that suppositional “privilege”) can be exchanged for the power of one Mind, one Creator, enlightening and uplifting every activity of life.

When an image of any man or woman comes to thought that is unlike the image of God, we have a decision to make. We can agree with God’s version of man as good, or we can agree with its opposite. Siding with God, we experience freedom, safety, and love. Siding with a different version engraves the false image in consciousness, bringing it into our experience over and over until we decide to rout it out. This is the graven image the Bible speaks of in the second commandment. “To decide quickly as to the proper treatment of error — whether error is manifested in forms of sickness, sin, or death — is the first step towards destroying error. Our Master treated error through Mind,” 1 writes Mary Baker Eddy.

When a heartsick and discouraged woman, suffering from many health problems including a tumor, learned of Christian Science, she wrote, “I had been in my sister’s home but a few days, reading Science and Health almost constantly, when I asked her if I had not better have treatment for the tumor, which had given me so much trouble. She said to me, “You feel well, do you not?” I assured her that I never had felt so well as I had since reaching there. “Well,” she said with decision, “your tumor is gone, for God never made it,” and her statements were true, for it has never been heard of from that day.” 2

With Jesus as our model of decision, starting with the Mind of Christ, we then know that whatever is not good must be impossible because it could not originate in the goodness of God.

Since we all have the Mind of Christ, according to the Bible, then we all have this power of quick decision. We can decide to own it, not to limit it, but to be grateful for it, and apply it more and more to everyday situations.

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