When Jesus taught his disciples to pray, he began with “Our Father which art in heaven.” He taught that this Father can’t be seen with material eyes or heard, felt, or tasted, with material senses, but He still exists. Jesus showed that we all have a spiritual sense that knows God and can be developed by cultivating it. One way I do this is to listen for quiet messages from God, the Father, that tell me about His nature. Even though many of us have had imperfect fathers, and some have had no father at all, I have come to see that God can be to us everything weIMG_0052.JPG ever hoped a Father would be.

As I consider what the best father would be, he would of course, love his children and would provide, promote, and protect them at all times. Spiritual sense, like intuition and faith, can hear and see evidence of God the Father doing just that for each one of His little ones.

God shows His nature to our spiritual sense. Everyone has this sense. It is a still, small voice in thought that might be covered up by the noisier, clanging, and clamoring elements of daily life until we specifically go searching for it. The psalm says, “Be still and know that I am God.” When we make regular space for stillness, we can begin to hear and feel some of the things God is communicating.

First God says, “I am with you. I will never fail you or forsake you. I am here. I am strengthening you. I am helping you. I am supporting you. I am sheltering you. I am guiding you. I know what you need even before you know it. I have always loved you with an everlasting love. You are like the apple of my eye. I pay attention to you. I made you and I give you all that you need. It’s within you. Look within and find out how wonderful you are. I see you perfect. I see you whole as I am whole. You are mine and I am yours.”

God says, “I am strong enough and wise enough to protect you. I am kind enough and able to see what you need and provide for you. I am firm enough and intelligent enough to promote your best interests. I never put one child above another or in conflict with another. I feel the same love for you as for all my children and I am vast enough and harmonious enough to be able to integrate and support everyone’s needs at the same time.”

P1020173The “Our Father” that Jesus showed us is both principled and loving, truthful and creative, abundantly alive and spiritual. This Father motivates us from within to be our best self.

I love to hear about great fathers. I know quite a few. I see all of God’s fathering qualities shining through different people. My father, husband, and sons have shown me wonderful glimpses of true fatherhood. And I look for it everywhere. I find it in nature–and in women and children, and even in laws and institutions–as well as in men.

I find that God will be as great and present a Father as I allow Him to be to me and to mankind. As I open my spiritual sense to listen,  I let more of God’s fathering into my life. Do you have some good examples of God’s fatherhood? Share them in the comments below. Happy Father’s day to everyone.