Cynthia Lee Clague, CSB

cynthia_clague_2Christian Science came into my family when two of my great grandmothers were healed of incurable diseases through its teachings. My family has continued to find all kinds of needs met by an understanding of the Science underlying Biblical accounts of healing. It has taught me to love the inspiration in the Bible and to want to practice its teachings.

Before becoming a practitioner of Christian Science, I studied music, met my beloved husband, and took Christian Science Primary class while in college. All three have greatly enriched my life. After college, I taught and sang choral music for a number of years. In response to requests, I began a healing practice while raising our two sons, gradually working into full-time Christian Science Journal-listing in 1998. Drawn to active church work, I love its promise of a community built on solid lives of service, enlisted to lessen discord in the world and benefit humankind and the earth itself. Wanting to expand my healing work and share the freedom and goodness of Christian Science with others, I took Normal class in 2012 at the Massachusetts Metaphysical College in Boston.

Like the smallest drop of rain, each of us can do something to refresh the earth, especially as that drop finds its oneness with the ocean of God’s love. Each of you has something pure and good to contribute to this replenishing work on earth! If you find yourself yearning to make a bigger difference in the world for good, consider looking into the teaching of Christian Science.

If you are interested in learning the practice of healing through prayer, I invite you to apply for instruction in the healing practice of Christian Science in Primary Class instruction. This two week course is a deep dive into the healing teachings of the Bible and the textbook of Christian Science, Science and Health with key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.  Class is a systematic walk through one chapter of questions and answers in that textbook.  This involves an intensive study, discussion, and application of the basic elements of healing as Jesus taught in the new testament, and Christian Science further develops.

The necessary qualifications for taking this class include a sincere desire to help others through spiritual healing and a desire to know God better. Contact me through this website or by phone for more information.