"If you knew the gift of God, you would ask of Him, and He would give you living waters." John 4:1

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“Jesus held uncomplaining guard over the world,” wrote Mary Baker Eddy.

In an era of intense clannishness, Jesus steadfastly promoted universal and impartial love and respect. He ministered to Jew and Samaritan, to Romans and other gentiles, to male and female, to child and aged and in between, to rich and poor, to honest and dishonest, to soldier and civilian, to in-groups and out-groups, to rulers and slaves.


A comment came through and I thought I’d share my response with everyone. It develops a line of thinking out from the Bible, a fountain of living waters, so I have left all the quotes in place to enable you to follow the line back to the source.
“Thanks for your article on “DECIDE TO LET THE CHRIST MIND BE IN YOU.” We decide to take a stand but somehow still struggle thus: “for the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do. Romans 7:19. Now having made the decision to “decide to let the Christ Mind be in” one, how can one act consistently from the standpoint of the Christly Mind?”


DSC_0194When you have the Mind of Christ, you don’t have to second guess yourself, to worry over whether you got it right or did enough or said something inappropriate to others. It enables you to accomplish more, and do it with freedom and joy. Leaving all comparisons and human hierarchies of value behind, the Mind of Christ gives focus and potency to each effort to help and bless others.

Every one of God’s creations is dear to Him. When we choose to live in continual relation to this Mind of God, we see our fellow men and women as God sees them–in His image, honest, kind, reliable, fruitful.

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